The Perfect Anniversary Dance

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When planning the music for your wedding there are a bunch of songs that are quite difficult to choose. One of those is the Anniversary Dance. But don’t worry we have some great options here.

What is the Anniversary Dance?

The Anniversary Dance is a very cool part of a traditional wedding. This is the dance during which your DJ will invite all of the married couples to the dance floor including the bride and groom. After about :30 seconds of dancing, the DJ will ask everyone who has been married for less than 6 hours (or so) to have a seat. The bride and groom will sit down. Then the DJ will start adding years. Next anyone who has been married for less than a year, please sit down. The number of years will increase until there is one couple remaining. That will be the couple who has been married for the longest time. It is usually a grandparent, great uncle, etc.

Three Reasons to Have an Anniversary Dance

  1. This dance is one that will engage all married couples. The garter and bouquet bring up all the unmarried individuals, the Anniversary Dance brings up everyone who is married. It also is a slow song so most everyone will dance despite their age. There are many dances during which older people do not feel comfortable dancing. Slow songs will allow them to dance despite age or disabilities.
  2. The Anniversary Dance will set up a great photo opportunity. It brings together the most experienced couple at marriage with the bride and groom as they begin married life together. Following this dance, photographers will take a picture of these two couples together. It’s a great generational shot.
  3. The Anniversary Dance often involves most of the guests at the wedding dancing slowly. This a great time for photographers to grab couples shots.

Choosing the Perfect Anniversary Dance

The first rule for this dance is that it has to be a slow song – a very slow song. Remember that you have the oldest people in the room dancing at this point. You need to make sure it is comfortable for them to dance the entire length of the song. You also want to choose a song that is long enough to eliminate everyone on the dancefloor but not too long where it is hard for the oldest people in the room to dance. We recommend a song somewhere between three and four minutes. We also recommend choosing a song that is older. The older people will appreciate this. Here are some options to choose from:

BeatlesWhen I'm 64YouTube
Etta JamesAt LastYouTube
Frank SinatraIt Had To Be YouYouTube
Frank SinatraThe Way You Look TonightYouTube
James TaylorHow Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)YouTube
Kenny RogersThrough the YearsYouTube
Luther VandrossHere and NowYouTube
Nat King ColeL-O-V-EYouTube
Nat King Cole (with Natalie Cole)UnforgettableYouTube
Rod StewartHave I Told You Lately (That I Love You)YouTube
Shania TwainYou're Still the OneYouTube
Tim McGrawMy Best FriendYouTube
TurtlesHappy TogetherYouTube

What do you think? Which of these suggestions are your favorite? Are you married? If so, what was your Anniversary Dance song? We would love to hear your insights. Just leave us a comment below.

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