DJ Services

The DJs of Laser Sounds use some of the most technologically advanced systems available. Each system is hand designed by a technician with experience in computer and audio technologies. The computer backbones are solely used for DJing and have been optimized for musical performance. Each system holds nearly 200,000 songs spanning most every genre. Our systems can also instantly connect to the Internet to acquire songs that may not be in our library.

Our wedding services begin as soon as you sign a contract. Upon signing, you are presented with a copy of a book written by the President of Laser Sounds. It walks you through planning the music for your wedding. We sit down with you and go over the book in detail and then give you time to fill-in the many blanks. Closer to the day of your wedding, we will sit down with you again, go over your decisions and help you complete any responses that you may have had a hard time with. Throughout that whole process, we welcome your phone calls or emails with any questions you may have.

Basic Wedding System

There is nothing basic about our DJ services. This package is designed for smaller weddings with crowds no bigger than 120 guests. A typical system comes with either two 12-inch or 15-inch speakers, a fully-computerized music setup and a professional, multiple-channel UHF wireless microphone. Also included in this system is a basic lighting package consisting of three lighting fixtures – typically two multi-color displays and a laser system.

  Up to 6 Hours   $1,200.00
  Additional Hour(s)   $75.00 ea
  Lighting Upgrade*   $75.00

* If you are having a smaller wedding but would like the lighting package that accompanies our premium wedding package, you may upgrade just the lighting.

Premium Wedding System

If you are having more than 120 guests or are holding your reception in a larger venue, our Premium Wedding DJ System is your best option. This system is designed to get your party bumping with crystal clarity. Our premium wedding system comes with either two 15-inch speakers with a subwoofer, a fully-computerized music setup and two professional, multiple-channel UHF wireless microphones. Also included in this setup is a premium lighting package consisting of at least five lighting fixtures – typically two multi-color displays, 360° rotating heads and a laser system.

  Up to 6 Hours   $1,500.00
  Additional Hour(s)   $75.00 ea

Ceremony Sound System

If your ceremony is located in a different room or location from the reception, we can help you. No matter where it is, we have a solution for you. To determine exactly what you need, please contact us and we will put together the perfect system that makes sure your vows, minister, musicians and readers are all heard.

  Basic Sound System (Speakers & Amp)   $200.00
  Wireless Handheld Mic(s)   $40.00 ea
  Wireless Lavalier System(s)   $40.00 ea
  Wired Mic(s)   $10.00 ea
  Music Playback Computer   $25.00
  Generator (if no electricity is available)   $100.00